When to give up on your desires?

You only desire, what seems possible or what is possible to dream off. For eg. You might dream of a big 4 bhk house in Hiranandani Gardens, Powai or any tony neighbourhood. But you wouldn’t even dream of a 4 bhk on a moon or mars for that matter. 

So desires are calculated risks, we take to move from one place to another, they seem to be the subconscious road maps for the future. 

But what happens when you attain what you desire? we mark a milestone and set ourselves for another dream of that subconscious calling? What if the object of our desire is a person? How would the person feel, when you ignore and neglect the person, whom you had serenaded and showered with gifts and undying love before you achieved what you want?

Anyway, so we keep chasing what we deeply desire, cause that is God Consciousness itself showing us the light. 

Now what if we don’t attain what we so deeply desire, does it mean that we haven’t served God? or have we failed ourselves? OR do we compromise and settle for what we can achieve rather that what we truly desire? Is compromise divine? is acceptance of our limitations make us more humans and compassionate towards others? 

The answer is we all compromise, no one wants to kill ourselves if you don’t get what we want. Maybe there is no compromise, maybe life is a win -win situation. What seems like a failure is just a beginning. ( this is very cliche and consoling). But to a person who is madly possessed with desire, this explanation might seem trite.