Who do you depend upon?

We depend on our family, friends and relatives during trying times. If that doesn’t help, we can get lost in the wonderful world of drug dependency, or become a alcoholic. If we have a little sense of responsibility we take to minor form of dependency like painkillers, cigarettes and caffeine to get us through. 

We can depend on shopping aka retail therapy to take us out of our gloom, or food can uplift any damn spirit. Travelling blues will catch up soon. So the time when all we could depend upon has either given up on us or we have given up on them. 

Finally we have no filler, just a hollowness in the stomach. We can scream and agonise on the hollowness, we ask why doesn’t someone love us, and fill away the pain. Nobody is available, withdrawal symptoms can last from a one day to a few weeks, unless you try to get again on being dependent. 

Now Iam filling my hallowness/emptiness with words, but now words are also over.