Who killed my childhood dreams

Who killed my childhood dreams

Space Exploration

US Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Alwin Aldrin landed on the moon in 1959 or was it 1961? Russia had already been sending rockets to moon by then. The world looked infinite to my tiny ears. I was fascinated by the stars and the planets. I remember when everyone were asleep in the house. A little 5 year old mini-me would walk to the window, pull a chair and stare at the skies till it was dawn. I would stare at the stars, try to figure out the the planets. My Favourite planet was Mars, since I was told the same could be inhabited. I wanted to be a space explorer.


Another carreir I visualised was becoming a scientist. I even had converted our small balcony in our 1 BHK flat in to a personal lab. Trust me I was only 7/8 years old and I had a fucking lab at home!! I would open up radio’s, Tv’s and whatever caught my fancy around the house.


I realised I was not a hard worker, I didn’t have the discipline to put in day in and day out. So by the age of 10, I would ask my friends who were better with radio, transistors etc to come and work for me. They would just hangout in my lab, spend some time, helping me wherever they can.

After that I realised that I could be better industrialist. I mean, I clearly wasn’t cut out of studios stuff of scientist. Here also I felt laziness creeping into my bones again. I had another brilliant idea. I announced one day to all my family that I would rather marry a industrialist’s daughter.

How Engineering killed all my childhood dreams

Of-course, Dad wanted me to become a Engineer. If there was anything of my childhood dream left. The boring engineering college professors mutilated it. Engineering damaged me so much that I gave up on all my dreams of space travel and being a scientist. I came out of college, thinking I was good for nothing, dimwit idiot.

I became a idiot instead of a scientist or a space explorer

Today, I spend 16 hours staring from one screen to another. I shift from my iPhone to iPad and then to the mac.

Where are those space travels? ??

Where are those fabulous inventions I was supposed to make???

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