Who wins the Hindu Muslim communal war?

Hindus think muslims are violent people, they cite the example that the fact that in last 10000 years, Hindus have never invaded any country. 

Hindus say thats its the Muslims who have always started the riots or incited each and every time, and all Hindus have done is reciprocated resoundingly.

This time the Hindu pride has been restored and the Muslims have been thought a lesson and since then they have been nursing their wounds and their bazzookas! 

The Hindus are overwhelmingly confident that they will be successful in giving the Muslims a resounding thrashing everytime, I being a Hindu am not sure ! 

Surely we have 80% majority in the India, but when the war escaltes on an international scale we will become a minority and might be thrashed.

What we fail to see is, there is no Muslim or a Hindu, its just some rich politician or a Builder or a industrialist who wants to elimate a problem without the lenghty recourse of the time, just a hugely greedy person who strategises the communal war. 

Are communal wars inevitable? Do we have to as human beings desentisize ourselves in the name of progress and development? ( Progress and Development doesnt really mean you are much happier with better cars and highways) 

Its a bit diferent being killed on the battle-feild than being dragged out of your home, garlanded with rubber tyres and doused with Petrol and killed. Wars on the battlefeild are more humane, atleast the soldeirs are given a decent farewell. 

Can we make it more honorable to be killed in a communal riots and spare the humilation? Oh! I forget its all about finding the best possible means to humilate. All the propoganda talks and the bullshit has become a huge ball of fire in you, ready for consumption. 

I sometimes ask myself when push comes to shove, (I.e when I see a Muslim standing in front of me with a bazzoka (metaphorically) in hand) will I stand with a sword in one hand and a petrol bomb in another hand and kill the muslim before he kills me?

Afterall everyone must die one day or another, afterall we learn more from death than we do from life. 

I would love to connect with an intelligent muslim and clear my muddled head. Drop me a line.