Whom do you love?

Do you love someone worthy or do you love someone who is available,
someone who is receptive. Do you love someone who you are karmically
obliged to love? or do you love someone who your heart yearns for?
Your love is infinite, but your attention and actions are limited.

In such a case, who would your heart give preference to? Would you
invest in loving your child over the strangers? There are times a
stranger’s child could be more receptive or deserving to your love
than your own child.

Is it sufficient reason to love someone because we share the same
parents, history or ancestors or religion or caste? How do we love
everyone equally and yet not make anyone feel unloved and
unappreciated. We love people who make us feel better about ourselves. If you are a
family minded person, you will love your family more than anyone else.
If you are spiritual kinds, you will love your guru more than anyone
else. If you are a nationalist, you might send your son to be killed
in the war.

Who we love depends on our nature and the side which is lacking of
love, so we are attracted to the exact opposite kind of person?
maybe? Also there is a basic hurdle to love, what if the person whom we want
to love infinitely is not available or receptive? Do we make a stone
idol and love her/him or we substitute that person and love the other
person instead?