Why a middle aged man like me is chasing young girls.

Why a middle aged man like me is chasing young girls.

This is a story about a middle aged man and yes he is asking for some empathy. I find the young just don't understand us. We are not as creepy as they think we are. Trust me, we are just better version of our senseless youths.

I read an article which said

" Once a woman crosses 40, they are invisible to men in public spaces. Men only have eyes for young women"

About me –

I am a middle aged (divorced) man and yesterday was called on social media for chasing young girls. So I decided to do what all great men do " Look in the mirror".

On a side note –

I condemn shaming random strangers shaming you others on social media. But this is even worse, I was shamed by a woman who knew me as a good guy for last 10 years until yesterday.

It is a trial by social media world. I recommend they understand the concept "skin in the game". Tomorrow your brother or friend could face trial by social media.

How creepy is a middle aged man chasing a young girl ?

I checked with a young 24 year old lady friend how creepy it is if a middle aged man asks you out on a scale of 1 to 10. She rated 5 on 10, but said depends on circumstance and how it is put across. Now, that my chance of being a creep is about 50% I am taking a chance by telling you why I ask young girls to meet me.

Do only rich men have the exclusive moral right to covet young women ?

First clarification – I don't chase young girls.

The reason is simple – The only time I chase a woman is when I am in love with her. Time is scarce, unless you a living on your father's money. I don't have time to chase girls. Young or old, sex or no sex. Period, I don't chase girls.

Second Clarification –

I used to be appalled with the idea of me being out with a woman 20 years younger than me. But at my age all the women are married. Some 40 plus women I met talked down to me. I felt they were so bitter and control freaks, I wanted none of them.

I see young available women everywhere

Maybe I am blind to older woman. But I see young beautiful women everywhere. I only approch them, if they show interest in talking to me. I ask for their number.

Why I need to meet young women ?

I am divorced. I realised as you grow old, your loneliness is acute. You don't have anyone to share your meal, you cannot find even a single person to WhatsApp and chat.

The young women have time on their hands

All the older woman I know, are busy with household responsibilites. Their world revolves around their family. They wouldn't go with me for a dinner or a concert. I need company sometimes?Career middle aged woman are also busy.

Eureka, I discovered unmarried young girls have time to WhatsApp. Pardon me if this post grossed you out. I also find a lot young girls stupid, and want nothing to do with them. I keep the intellegent one, I can talk to.

Do I want to have sex with a young woman ?

This is a no brainer question. But let me answer it anyway. Sex is always on my mind. We are either hungry, horny or sleepy. Thats part of being human and nothing to be ashamed off.

I need someone who is available for sharing my day to day life, my work, relationship. Thes are important and integral to my well being as well as a healthy supply of sex.

Here is my take. If you think it is creepy. Let me know.