Why are Indian male classical dancers effeminate?

Bharatnatyam was originally meant to be danced in the temple, hence a bharatnatyam dance concert is about recreating the same spiritual experience where the dancer is elevated by his devotion to the gods, and in turn he endevours to elevate the audeince.

There are fewer male bharatnatyam dancers than females, the reason is dance is not a lucrative profession. I would love to learn a classical dancehypothetically speaking, but what bothers me the complete effeminatisation of the male indian dancer. Why are indian male dancers so effeminate, why cant they be macho like male flamenco dancers? 

I guess once you get absorbed in the dance, one loses oneself into the form and then what gender you are doesnt matter, right? When I started learning Salsa, i was too shy to dance because I thought the body moments were a bit effeminate, but then soon I lost myself and I think I am okay with being a little effeminate, and being a guy who gets to dance with very beautiful girls.

Check this Bharatnatyam video of an awesome expert of the form!  Pavitra Bhat, check his website here http://pavitrabhat.com/index2.html