Why do Assholes Win

CONCEPTS Sep 19, 2020

This may seem like a loser rant, but it might just be that. I don't mind. So let's begin - Before I elaborate on why assholes win. I would like to define an asshole.

Who is an Asshole?

An asshole is chasing his needs or wants without any consideration about others needs/feelings/sovereignty. I can classify these assholes into further categories but then it would add unnecessary complexity to the topic of this blogpost.

An asshole is like a drug addict, the only thing which matter to him is his goal. Do not take this asshole lightly, this person will lie, cheat, rob, and deceive you in whatever possible way.

Right now if you see Kangana's behaviour, she is a perfect asshole. Pardon my French.

Why do Assholes exist?

Assholes exist because the world rewards them. They are incentivised for their abilty to win for their bosses and you will often find them rapidly escalating a corporations career hurdles. The tougher the climb, the bigger the asshole.

Why do these assholes get rewarded?

To know this you need to understand two Game theories. One is called the "WIN-LOSE GAME" This is the predominant game humans play. I will talk the other other in a bit.

Let me elaborate on Game A - WIN-LOSE GAME

Suppose I have a fish, you lie to me that you are hungry. I give you the fish. Now you have a fish and I don't have a fish. So the score is Me = 0 fish , You = 1 fish.

In this case, you being an asshole could have also stolen my fish or conned me into giving you the fish. Replace fish with money or any asset.

Can Assholes be reformed?

Yes, when we stop playing the "WIN-LOSE GAME" and play the GAME B "WIN-WIN GAME".  Assholes will no longer feel the need to bully or swindle your hard-earned fish.

Let me explain to you the "WIN-WIN GAME" with the same analogy of the fish.

Now, instead of the asshole conning me out of my fish. He can take another approach and  ask me to teach him how to fish. Once He learns how to fish he will never need to steal or swindle me out of my fish.

Please forward this blog post to any asshole you know, tell them to play GAME B - Which is the "WIN-WIN GAME"


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