Why do people with lots of money want to make even more money?

Have you ever wondered what keeps guys like Mukesh Ambani going? I mean why the heck does he turn up at office each day. Hasn’t he made enough?
The answer is chemicals!!! Yes, dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin. This is not only about Mr. Ambani, but all people who have made enough money, but still keep going stronger than ever.

How does Dopamine play a role?

Now that one doesn’t have to earn to survive. All achievements are only means of a Dopamine Kick. Yes, the same kick you get when someone likes your Facebook status update.
So every deal is a dopamine kick. A rich person wakes up and thinks, well what fun do I get today. oh! Clinch that long over due pending deal.
Now Dopamine isn’t enough. Lets move to Seratonin.

What role does Serotonin play?

Remember, you feel you are smarter than others? Yes, I am feeling that right now. You get a dose of serotonin. Every time you feel better than others a pleasant chemical called serotonin rewards your brain.
Now, I am getting my dose of serotonin by writing. Some other guy might get that by running a marathon in record time and putting the pictures of his achievement on Facebook. Some other guy might post his recent feature in Forbes geek issue about him being the Top 30 under 30. This is quite harmless, but yes serotonin can make you violent. One can even use verbal or physical violence to put someone in his place.
But, Now you are screaming. Love is the biggest emotion and I should STFU. Here comes oxytocin.

When do you produce oxytocin ?

Oxytocin is the touch chemical. When you are in love, you have lot of oxytocin. When you make love, yeah, double dose of oxytocin. Massages, yes, even massages.
Oxytocin is also the tribe chemical. If you belong and feel protected by your tribe, you produce oxytocin.

Now you say, you will be a mahatma and wont get addicted to these three chemicals?

Here is what happens when you don’t get these chemicals. Your body produces Cortisol instead.

WTF is Cortisol?

Cortisol is the stress chemical. It is the fight/flight/freeze chemical. You are sensing danger and your body is in an alarmed state. Too much cortisol means

  1. You won’t sleep at night.
  2. Your appetite will be gone.
  3. You will develop all psychosomatic illnesses.

This is enough. Remember to produce these chemicals for yourselves and others too.