Why do we want to talk to someone and not talk to someone else?

Why do we want to talk to someone and not talk to someone else?
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Life is very lonely, also staying alone sometimes days and weeks go by without talking to someone. Of-course clients call and sometimes taking the pretence of professional work some interesting conversation happen. At the same time I go to great lengths to avoid calls from friends who wants to have a friendly chat.

Its rather perplexing, I feel like talking to complete strangers like my clients than actually talk to so called friends. Sometimes I even think of asking someone out for a coffee and then I feel that I will wasting my time.

So my conclusion is we like to talk to people who

We feel we are not investing for nothing, I mean we will nurture only that person who we see a probable future. Makes sense?

So if we want to talk to people who we see as a safe investment, that what are the qualities of people who are such “safe investment” to me, per se.

Lets make a list

1) Someone who is very compassionate.

2) Someone who doesn’t get influenced by others and can hold her/his own thoughts and ideas?

3) Someone who who wouldn’t lose faith or abandon the ship when the weather is rough sailing?

4) Someone who is not using you because of their own insecurites and fears?

Its a bit crazy, there are so many people in the world, that real estate and houses are getting smaller, and still there is no one I can find to do small talk, or I would rather not do small talk and waste my time and energy?

Just some food for thought.