Why do you want to hold my hand?

The urge to hold hands is something quite difficult to comprehend, sometimes you hate someone enroaching on your space by holding your hands and sometimes you want to hold hands.

So recently I asked a pretty girl, Can I hold your hand?? But she threw back this question.

Why do you want to hold hands?

I was completely flummoxed for an answer, I have never thought that i should be answerable to my urges.

Here are my TOP 10 answers. 

  1. I was watching your hands, and love the color and texture of your skin, and wanted to feel it.
  2. I want to feel the shape of your hands.
  3. I saw unconditional acceptance in your eyes, and felt safe enough to ask for your hand.
  4. I want to be touched by someone like you. (cheesy, but might work)
  5. I dont know if I am going to see you again, but I dont want to lose this opportunity to be near to you.
  6. Help me, give me a hand.
  7. Well I thought “you” wanted to hold hands 🙂

OKAY! I have run out of reasons, can you guys help me, please.