Why I wouldn't go down on my knees for any woman?

There are some things a man has to do, and one of those things
includes telling or convincing the women he cannot live without her,
at-least till she commits to him permanently by way of marriage. This can be gamified, its not always the best person who gets the
woman but its the person who can go down on his knees, go OTT (over
the top) with his emotions and with a rose between in his teeth, i
mean symbolically speaking. ( Exotic vacations, diamonds, huge house,
luxury cars will certainly help)

As for me, when the push come to shove, when you have to let the woman
know, how much you need her, and how you wont be able to survive
without her, this is exactly the point where I lose! As a LEO I am
generally OTT with my emotions and gestures, so I am kind of romantic
to a certain point, but after that point when its really needed I
don’t care a hoot. The problem with this behaviour of mine is my upbringing, I was raised
by my father, this meant I have never depended on a woman growing up,
I never carried tiffin boxes to school, it was always pocket money.
Food was cooked by a poor country cousin whose family was compensated,
so my world growing up was kept sane by my father.

This leads me to the question, can a Father, ever ever, be a good
single parent? ( I dont make a good example ?) and still bring up a
balanced healthy child, and what are the other effects on the child
growing with only a mother as a single parent? Coming back to the present, I still don’t need a woman in my life, I
have a cook, i have a servant, and I don’t need anyone to take care of
my mother. So maybe I will have to fake it, when I find the woman of
my dreams, my falling on my knees and saying I cannot live without
her! 🙂

On serious thoughts living alone and not depending on anyone else is
the best thing that can happen to me. 🙂 P.S I have a intuitive feeling that I maybe all wrong in this
blogpost, but its all just a thought to ponder on a dull Sunday!