Why it is necessary to play the Status Game

CONCEPTS Jul 05, 2020

Psychologists say that “All Humans are Status Monkeys”. I had never paid any attention to the fact of my Status. I was at my huge loss completely unaware of this status game. This was because I started my career right at the TOP or at least considered myself to at the TOP. A gradual slide from the TOP started and I found myself in denial about my lowered status in life.

Suddenly I am getting angry at people who don’t respect me anymore. As I kept losing my status, I found more and more people being rude and uncouth to me. The things I thought I would never hear from someone I do business with was now coming my way at regular intervals. I shunned these people and never want to see them again.

But then the realisation dawned on me today that It is not their fault. Everyone is looking to cannibalise someone of lower status for profits and gains. I have done this and I am sure if I have the means I would also do the same.

Why do people play the Status game

Status decides who gets the cushy jobs and who gets the scrappy jobs in a team project. Scrappy jobs mean scrappy pay and you risk further down your status hierarchy.

People will try to do all kind of signalling to prove they are of a higher status. Higher status means you are not even considered a potential candidate for a pay cut or the crappy job.

Young men are now obsessed with the gyms so that they can signal higher status. As they don’t have other resources. Other forms of conspicuous consumption signals like cars, houses are nowdays considered bourgeois. The Elites favourite thing to show off their elite educational credentials.

Depending on the class you belong to, you will be pursuing these social signals.

How to beat a person with a higher social status?

Everyone is unique and has some complementary skills. In case someone tries to get into this social signalling game.

There are a few things you could do.

  1. Become aware of the subtle social signalling going on.
  2. Once you are aware of the social status game. Choose to manoeuvre by switching to your strengths. This would help you not sell yourself cheap. Remember a person can bully you into a lower status if you don’t understand your value.
  3. Caveat - There are sometimes it is ok to take a low-status position -

for eg.

  1. In front of your Boss
  2. In front of a respected colleague or a friend.
  3. Someone who is having a bad day.

If you are in a society you have to play this “Status” game

There is no way out. If you want to be in society and earn a living. However spiritual you may tend to be, you will have to take a position to defend your self-worth. What status game will you choose to play is the only choice you have. Remember becoming enlightened is also a status game. Anything “becoming” is not what you are right now. So is it aspirational and a status game.

Photo by Daniel Gregoire on Unsplash


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