Why People don’t help the people who need help.

Recently I met a man who is part of a very big NGO. He told me curtly “ If you feed stray dogs, there is always a fear that they will come and dirty your front porch”. Another friend was even more blunt, She said “ People who land in this kind of situation probably deserve and get themselves in”.

The whole business of alleviating other people’s pain is Big Business. The problem is the people in the business of alleviating pain can only service the people who can pay them.

Ironically in this case, the people who need help the most, are left unserviced. People who have no money, no house and no relatives are left to die a slow death.

There is some hope. This person from the NGO told me, that NGO’s are better equipped to deal with such people.

I am now considering giving some time to NGO’s.