Why the Lockdown has been kind to me

I have been remote working since 2001 when I shifted to Mumbai from Jalgaon where I used to manage my a production unit. Since 2008, after I completely shuttered the manufacturing business I have been working on mostly the internet. My pain was working all alone all day. So I ventured out into cafe’s risking bad and over expensive coffee which has had a detrimental effect on my health and wealth. To save money from working out from coffee. I started working from public libraries. It was the best decision I made, it cost to be Rs 3800/ for the entire year.

Ist Lifestyle change

But lockdown shut down all those cafes and public library. This was one of the major lifestyle changes I had to make. Now I work all alone, sometimes zoom conferencing, Whatsapping and talking over the phone.

There is no social life left, work has become mainstream. The team has grown and there is more pressure on everyone and not be the weak link in the chain.

2nd Lifestyle change

I rarely cooked anything at home. I thought cooking was extremely labour intensive, particularly the cleaning, chopping parts. Also, I had reason to believe that for a one-person home, takeout or eating out is more affordable. (This is debatable).

Results of these two lifestyle decisions

Now I feel I am a much healthier, as I have been eating at home, and cooking myself. After some trial and error, I realised eating the same food every day makes me feel healthier. So I have been eating the same stuff for the last 2 months.

Here is my fixed diet for the last 2 months.

Breakfast. – Sourdough Bread Toast – with egg/cream cheese/clarified butter. followed by Tea

Mid Day (if exhausted) – Cinnamon Latte

Lunch – Rice+Curd with pepper+salt + sometimes I have fried chillies or papad as accompaniment.

Early Evening (if exhausted) – Cinnamon Latte

Dinner is usually before 9 and can be as early as 5:30pm – Toasted Bread + Grilled Chicken/Fried Egg + dollops of clarified (butter).

There are two things I love in my diet.

1. Clarified Butter ( I consume a litre a month or more) 2. Curd – in the form of buttermilk mostly (150 gms)

Of course, I cannot survive without this delicious sourdough bread, I get from Baker’s dozen.

Photo by Matt Seymour on Unsplash