Work in sprints like a cheetah!

work Sep 13, 2020

There is this predominant thought that if we put on incremental daily hard work we will end up getting closer to our goals. This sounds like a perfectly logical statement.

But what makes sense is not necessarily the truth.

Humans are complex beings - Our moods, energy levels vary daily.

We all experience the pain of not being able to tick off the tasks on our bulging to do list. Right? This is because if we work mechanically trying to tick off items we lose energy. We need time to think, time to recuperate, time to plan.

In case you are facing a burnout, you are the right person who needs to step off that treadmill.

Where did I come across this concept?

Naval Ravikant is one of the most perceptive thinkers today, I think it was in the Joe Roegan Podcast, he says that humans are hunters as should work like predators. This resonated with me.

For eg. →

A lion Kills his meal & then consumes and then rests till he is ready again.

Of course this might be an ego boosting analogy but it is an explanation on why & I am not able to work day-in & day-out.

Now whenever I feel there is too much on my mind, I now take time off irrespective of the consequence & only when I am ready, I double down on my project in complete focus!

So, if you feeling uninspired & demotivated try this.

It also made me think that I have not had a vacation since 2001. I am hoping that I get to have a vacation soon to completely rejuvenate. :)


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